Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Easy does IT

My Tacloban trip went smoothly. I was able to install the programs and configure the computers much more quickly than in other trips. That always happen when everyone does their jobs as they're supposed to. Easy does IT.

So I had more time to tour the city. After almost twenty years since my first trip here, I notice that urbanization (as indicated by the numerous fastfood chains and other restaurants), has slowly crept in.

I also surmise that Tacloban folks love their medicine well. There must be more Mercury drugstores here per square kilometer than any other city in the Philippines. Counting the other drugstores as well, there are more drugstores here than elsewhere. I also noticed that there are a few from out-of-town med reps that stay in my hotel.

Tacloban is almost as clean as Palawan and Legazpi. This city has pride just like Cebu. They strictly implement the no jaywalking rule and other traffic rules. Tricycle drivers are also careful not to pick up fare in restricted zones. I tried crossing a not so busy street, and I was reminded by traffic aides to please observe the no-crossing signs. I gladly complied. I wish Metro Manila does the same.


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