Sunday, July 11, 2010

World cup fever fails to infect Filipinos

While the whole world highly anticipates the FIFA World Cup games, Filipinos hardly notice the games. Elsewhere, even an octopus who has correctly predicted the results of Germany's games, get good press.

Only a few Pinoys play the game. Not many schools have big enough space for a football field in this space challenged metropolis. Politicians routinely donate basketball goals which can be rolled and setup on paved streets. But how do you donate more than a half hectare just for the playing field?

Larissa Riquelme, a lingerie model from Paraguay who at certain angles resembles the presidential girlfriend, promised to run naked if her national team wins the Cup. Damn Spain for scoring late to deny the world of Larissa's naked run, but her fervor showed us enough of her ample charms. The latest word is she'll still run naked despite the loss. Talk about winning in losing.
Not to be outdone, Bobbie Eden, a Dutch porn star, promised in a tweet, to give a BJ to all her followers if Netherlands wins the Cup. As expected, her followers shot over a hundred thousand and counting. I'm rooting for Spain but I expect Bobbi to do a Larissa even if Holland loses.

But in the Philippines, fans get bored by the game. Our Asian neighbors join the world in the FIFA fever, but not us. Perhaps sometime soon, since the game is now making a strong headway in the US, then we can have some body like Christine Reyes to run naked if Team Pilipinas wins. Then we all win.

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