Saturday, June 19, 2010

P. Noy please don't be like this Hatoyama guy.

Yukio Hatoyama was forced to resign in disgrace as Japan's Prime Minister.

Just like P. Noy, Hatoyama won a huge mandate in the elections. Just like P. Noy, he is a scion of a prominent political family. He also has various and lengthy political experience. Just like P. Noy, he is also often accused (and is really guilty) of sartorial inelegance. The comparison better end there.

P. Noy should learn a lesson from the fate suffered by Hatoyama.

Many see Hatoyama as having allowed his historic mandate to erode on the minor issue of relocating an American military base. Analysts say he faltered on a lot of issues, including scandals over political financing; an inability to deliver on other campaign promises; and his administrations's failure to focus on matters affecting the economy.

The military base issue crystallized what went wrong with his nine-month old government. He seemed to waffle between appeasing Washington and assuring Okinawans that he would honor his campaign vows. Many Japanese saw his indecisiveness as a fatal flaw. His popularity plummetted largely because of this.

P. Noy -  be a strong and decisive president and deliver on your promises. The country deserves no less.

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