Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hopeless Pag-asa / GMA

When the rains started to soothe the scorched earth, folks gladly welcomed the rainy season but Pag-asa did not immediately declare that summer's over. In fact, just last week they said the heat will be back. But after a few more days of rains Pag-asa relented. Finally last Sunday, they turned on their words half week earlier and declared the rainy season has started. They advised farmers to plant and take advantage of the rains.

But the Pag-asa forecasters must have been real bad in their previous lives. No rains came after their announcement. It's been three days now and the heat's been back. They could be right the first time. The rains are really here, it's just Pag-asa's luck to look bad. Always.

Three weeks before stepping down, GMA is back on the road (foreign roads, actually). This time she is traveling again to China. What foreign policy could be served by this trip? Nothing.

But she could tie up loose ends in the aborted broadband deal.

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