Friday, May 28, 2010

White hair chronicles XXVII - white haired Gleek

The age again shows when I tend to like certain episodes of American Idol over others. Just like when they had a Sinatra feature with Harry Connick, Jr. as the Idols' mentor. I thought that was a high point for the show. Harry Connick is still the best Sinatra impersonator, much better than Michael Buble, who is just an impersonator of an impersonator.

While I thought the Sinatra episode was very good, reports say it did not rate as high as the Lady Gaga night that followed. Sinatra's time is past. It is now the era of a Madonna impersonator.

And then there's Glee. I really like the way they use old songs into the story line. I have been humming Neil Diamond songs since the Hello episode. But after that episode, I find the succeeding ones a bit boring. Maybe the producers are building up momentum for the finale. They successfully used Lady Gaga to raise the show a notch. Next stop is supposed to be the Regionals according to Will Schuester but then there must be another episode before that as there are supposed to be 22 episodes in all.

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