Thursday, April 15, 2010

White hair chronicles XXV - Tales of the Mauban

On a whim, my office mates decided to go on an outing to Cagbalete, Mauban, Quezon. It was almost unplanned that it befits an entry to Facebook's "Mabuti pa ang biglaang lakad natutuloy; ang planado, hindi". Everyone's glad the trip pushed through. The fine, white sand compares with Boracay and Puerto Galera minus the gimiks. Cagbalete is the nearest of slice of heavenly calm and quiet to Manila. This white hair chronicler just tagged along with the group, leaving all the planning and details to the younger set. One of the benefits of white hairs.

From Mauban, Quezon, we hopped on a fishing boat that traveled around 45 minutes to the side of Cagbalete Island facing the Pacific Ocean. We had to transfer to a smaller boat that got us closer to shore. The shore had plenty of needle pine trees and a cacao species also abundant in Mindoro. There were long-legged birds on the shore that must nest deep inside the island. Aside from enjoying the beach, bird watching could be another enjoyable activity here.

We hopped back to the small boat after depositing our luggage at the MVT Sto. Nino resort. We were going to nearby Perez island for lunch. We passed by the Baliscar Island, a lonely uninhabited rock island that is said to be home to snakes and birds. Our boatmen said it is possible to venture and explore the barren island but the four inch jagged rock floor seem uninviting. Maybe next time when we bring rubber boots.

The sumptuous lunch at Perez island and the cool sea breeze lulled us to take a nap. When we got back to Cagbalete, it was almost sundown. The sun setting over the needle pine trees offers a grand view.

What I like best about Cagbalete is the peace and soothing calm it offers. Those seeking nightly beach parties have will be bored to death here. The island has electric service only from 6 pm to 6am. The resort have bare but adequate necessities. There are open huts and rooms. Best of all is you could just pitch a tent or hang a hammock and stargaze all night. Cheap thrills that white haired guys seek once in a while. There is not much corals nor tropical fish from where we stayed. I did not find Nemo here but ask me to come back and I'll tag along again.

The sunrise over the Pacific Ocean is majestic. This white hair chronicler now proudly admits he looks like a young Benjamin Button. In Perez island, folks imbibing the famous lambanog were over heard to say "Patagayin niyo yung matanda" (offer the old man a drink). And there was this very elderly 80-ish groundskeeper who asked him "wala pa ba yung sundo niyo, lulu?" (Is your boat here yet, grandpa?). I don't mind, though.

I really like this place. After all Mauban means white-haired.

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