Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why not Gibo?

While many concede that Gibo is the most intelligent among the presidential candidates, many are also quick to add that Marcos was also a very intelligent man. Marcos made intelligence a bad characteristic. But what really turns off many voters against Gibo is everyone's perception that should he win he will only protect Gloria's Interests Before Others.

His comment on criticisms against Mikey Arroyo's nomination as representative of a party-list group of security guards does not help erase the public perception one bit. He said "Is it legal or not? It's legal. Wala tayong magagawa (We can't do anything about it)."

Gloria and party has always bastardized and flouted institutions. They did it in the impeachment process, in the Chief Justice selection. Now they are doing it in the party-list elections.

So why not Gibo? Do we want six more years of Gloria?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My women's tennis album 28 - Alize Cornet

French lolita Alize Cornet is a 20 year old tennis pro from Nice. She reached no. 11 last year. Currently she is ranked no. 80 but to me she is definitely a top 10 in the beauty department.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Is the PBA for Noynoy?

Basketball and politics are two of the Filipino's favorite pasttimes. It is no surprise that the two often mix. Like some movie stars who used their fame as springboards into politics in the twilight of their careers, there are basketball stars who turn politicos after retiring from play.

There is now even a party-list group called PBA. I just don't know what marginalized sector of society they represent. Danding Cojuangco himself, who controls at least three teams in the PBA, ran for the presidency in 1998.

Today Purefoods and other players campaign for Noynoy. They are led by James Yap, who is the husband of Kris, who is sister of candidate Noynoy.
The import-laden conference started last night. But Purefoods won't be playing until maybe April 4. By then many teams have had played three games each. Is it because of some quirk in scheduling? Or is it to give Purefoods players time to recuperate after a tiring and injury-filled championship run? Or is it to give the players a chance to barnstorm the country in campaign sorties? While Danding is so far plays coy on who he is supporting, the PBA or the San Miguel league, seems to be supporting Noynoy.

The legions of fans are not complaining. Many are for Noynoy too.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

White hair chronicles XXIII

Today is the 3rd death anniversary of my father. He would have just turned 71 if he were still alive. When he was my age today he already had two grandchildren. In contrast, my eldest is just turned 13 last year. My father dyed his hair regularly, I do not. An elementary school classmate of my father thought I was his brother. He was profusely apologetic when I told him I am a son not a brother. It's ok with me though. I just don't know if he thought I was the elder brother.

At SM grocery stores, they have a special lane for senior citizens (60 years old and above). SM personnel routinely tell me I can use that lane. I amuses me because it's still more than a decade away before I can use that lane. What amuses me more is they offer me a seat while waiting for my groceries to be checked out. It will worry me if they start to offer me a wheelchair.

Indeed I seem to excel in looking old. Maybe it's not just the hair. Maybe that's why pickpockets think they can easily pick things off my bag. Which they did successfully the other day when they took off with my cellphone, leaving my earphone literally hanging. On Monday, I want to look and walk the way I did last Thursday so they can pick my bag's pocket again. In the spirit of Jose Rizal's throwing of his remaining slipper when he lost one in the water, I'll let them take the phone charger and extra battery and earphone. I'll have no use for them now.

I recall that my father, being a lawyer, used to have connections with the police. I remember that he can ask his connections' connections to recover items snatched or taken through stick ups. Those were the times when a Seiko 5 was really a Seiko 5 and not just some cool knock off. I wonder if such connections still exist and whether people still want to go through the trouble of recovering stolen items. After all, replacing lost items seem to be the easier route than asking the police who'll just mulct you twice over. But I want my SIM back. It has been my number for the past 8 or 9 years. Maybe I would want to ask my father to assist me in recovering my phone and maybe sneak in a punch or two on the perpetrator. Never mind my brittle fists.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pickpocket victim 3x over

A funny thing happened on my way to the office today. I lost my cellphone and ID/access cards to pickpockets. I took the usual MRT ride to Recto and crossed Recto to board a jeepney to the office. This is the most efficient way. Kid Charlemagne (Steely Dan) was playing on my cellphone. During Larry Calrton's riff, the music suddenly stopped. Instinctively I grabbed the phone to check if the earphone got unplugged, only to find out that my bag's zipper was open and the phone gone.

Realization dawned on me - nadukutan ako. I checked what else is missing. My ID and office access cards are gone too. Na naman.

So my dear friends, if you get a text message from me starting 7:00am Thursday March 18, 2010 Manila time, please beware. I tell you it's not from me.

More twenty years ago, my pocket was picked while in a jeepney also along Tayuman. I found out when I was about to get off the jeep. I blurted "yung wallet ko?". Two passengers suddenly alighted and I noticed my wallet on the space where they were seated. I took my wallet and checked. The money's gone but I lost track of where the two went. Then around three years ago, in Mabini, also in a jeepney, I was again a victim. And again today.

The phone contained contact nos., pictures of my family, to-do list, saved passwords to email accounts and social networking sites. Now I have to find an Internet cafe to change passwords since my office blocks access to social networking sites. Whew!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My new criteria for choosing the next president 2

I blogged last year about my new criteria for choosing a president. I wanted a childless president because the past 5 presidents had kids who had more guts than talent for showbiz. I thought Mar fits that criteria perfectly until someone commented that Mar has a son too. Mar confirmed this later.
Then came Noynoy. He fits the bill perfectly. He has links to showbiz, yes, with sister Kris and past girlfriends like Barbara Milano. But he is childless as of now.

And now people may have more compelling reason for voting Noynoy. Kris Aquino, his self-absorbed sister, has promised to migrate when she becomes a liability to Noynoy. She declared on TV in the aftermath of the Ruffa walkout: "On a last note, I promised Noy that if he does WIN, and I'm a cause of distress for him & his presidency, I'll gladly take my 2 boys to live anywhere there is TFC [The Filipino Channel] so that I can continue to work but w/ our overseas Filipino brothers & sisters. "

She made a tearful and difficult to watch (and distressing to Noynoy's candidacy) appearance last Sunday. It was so bad that the newscast that followed immediately afterward was a very welcome relief.

So there you have it. If you can't take this act anymore and if you want her to fulfill this promise, you know who to vote.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That funny Pacquiao punch, the singers that made us stand, and the singing that let us down

Here's the double punch that Pacquiao learned from FPJ and Lito Lapid. Also here's the version of the national anthem that made us stand erect in full attention. The flag certainly was not in half mast. And we also have Arnel Pineda singing the Philippine national anthem wrongly.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pacquiao - Clottey The Un-Event

The Pacquiao-Clottey fight was dubbed 'The Event' but it was uneventful. The only highlight of the bout was the illegal pompyang punch thrown by the frustrated pound-for-pound king in the fourth round. He must have seen a lot of FPJ and Lito Lapid movies in his youth.

The cinema where I watched was packed full. When I bought my ticket about 3 weeks ago, there was just a handful of seats taken. Unlike the previous Pacquiao fights in the same mall where they had three cinemas for the fight, this time they used just one. But in in the fight venue at Arlington, Texas, they sold out all tickets, and more.

And unlike the previous fights staged in Las Vegas, there were few Hollywood celebrities present. Though they showed a lot of presumably Texas sports celebrities who are obscure to Pinoy fans.

The highlights were not from the fight. The Texas Cowboy cheerleaders really look good. They evoke memories of the Debbie Does Dallas movie and its copycats/sequels of my youth. Their rendition of the US national anthem is surprisingly simple but good. Their skimpy outfit and singing of the anthem should make Americans stand erect.

pacquiao-clotteyWhich cannot be said of Arnel Pineda's version of the Lupang Hinirang. After the controversy about Martin Nievera in the Pacquiao-Hatton fight, the non-controversial version of La Diva, and the general perception that Kyla's version (in Pacquiao-Barrera 2) is the best, I thought Arnel will follow tradition. After all, he said so himself. But it seems the tradition now is to not follow tradition. So after following the standard arrangement in the first few verses of the anthem, Arnel Pineda decided to show the world the a la Steve Perry version. For that expect him to get the flak in the coming days.