Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Noynoy?

Noynoy's critics say he has "done nothing" to deserve our votes except inheriting the legacy of his parents.

But what have the others done, really?

The runner-up in surveys, Manny V., is set to be censured (at least) by the Senate on the anomalous C-5 Road extension project. The Senate report says the project cost the taxpayers 6.2 billion. It recommends that he return the money. And what has Manny V. done to clear his name? Nothing! He claims it's just politics. He's not even up there in the surveys, so why would others try to bring him down? Does he think becoming the president will erase this fiasco? This will haunt him no matter what and the people will not vote for him precisely because of this.

The administration candidate, Gibo, says we are ready for take off? Hellow, according to his boss/mentor, we have taken off already. Now he admits that all the past pronouncements by GMA are baloney, that we're still in a rut after nine years of this administration? The people won't let this administration stay in power a second more than than they have to. The people will also forever remember Gibo's disastrous handling of the Ondoy crisis as chair of the national disaster coordinating council. The people will also remember his attempt at legalese in the controversy over the use of the song Posible. Puro palusot, para talagang si GMA. Why not use Imposible instead, it's more apt. Btw, Gibo the stooge also tried to impeach CJ Davide before.

"Hindi ako magnanakaw" (I will not steal), Noynoy tells us. Manny and Gibo will also claim to do just that. But who would we believe. Who gives the people real hope for honesty and integrity in public service? And who are the "nakapagnakaw na" (I've already stolen) and "nagnakaw na ang amo"? (My boss has stolen).

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  1. I can't understand why people are so easy to discuss the candidates they dislike when they can't even describe at length why they chose they candidates they do like, if any.



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