Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why it should not be Villar

Aside from the C-5 anomaly, there’s another reason why many will NOT vote Villar in the coming elections - his soft stand against GMA.

In a forum last night, Villar and other candidates were asked if they will prosecute GMA for her misdeeds. Gibo being the administration candidate gave a non-categorical answer. But Villar was evasive too. All he said was his party led the investigation of the anomalies and that he will not lift a finger to defend GMA.

To many that answer was not a yes answer to the simple question. Gibo's and Villar's answers glared in contrast to the responses of the other candidates. While Gibo's stance was understandable, Villar's was not. After all, Villar is not the administration candidate. But come to think of it, while his party may have led the investigation against GMA, Villar himself hasn't been very critical of GMA lately. Villar may be the true administration candidate in this election. Gibo is just the token one.

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