Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's in a name?

The campaign is on full-blast. Each candidate sounds very optimistic of winning. It is often said that no Filipino candidate ever loses, they just get cheated of victory. At the moment everyone has a catchy nickname that ensures name recall. How will they be called in the event they lose? Here's how.

Noynoy Aquino - "NGOYNGOY" (sobs)
JC de los Reyes - JC "the LOST REYES"
Erap Estrada - "HERAP" Estrada (poor)
Dick Gordon - "FLUSHED" Gordon
Nick Perlas - Nick "PERLAST"
Gibo Teodoro - "BIGO" Teodoro (fail)
Manny Villar - Manny "BELAT" (jeers)

Except for Noynoy, the rest better start getting comfy with their new names.

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