Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who says chess is boring? 2

Wesley So may have not made it all the way to the top but his recent success in the recent FIDE World Cup should bring renewed interest in the sport at the local scene. The introduction of the rapid and blitz formats and the emergence of online coverage of the games make the game more exciting. Perhaps one more way to lure more public interest is to introduce young, female participants to the game. It may sound sexist, but no one can argue against the success of women's tennis now.

Chess have beautiful women players. Here's proof that brains and beauty mix well.

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  1. Robin4:42 PM

    Chess is not boring, it is actually exciting if you understand chess tactics, chess strategy and endgames. The way to promote chess is to teach many people what these chess concepts are,so they will understand a grandmaster chess game in progress. Based on experience, teach a kid well(not only the rules) on the many aspects of chess, 90 percent he/she will play for the rest of his/her life.

    Actual many of these aspects are easy to understand, such as put your rooks on open file to be effective. Anyway chess is great.

    Here is a chess positional lesson.

    Bad vs Good Bishop



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