Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GMA to insist on Cha-cha

NBN-4 televised yesterday CNBC's interview with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. I caught a portion of it and from what I heard it seems that she will definitely push for Cha-cha. The interviewer, Maria Bartiromo, asked if she would want to continue as prime minister. GMA's reply was not a categorical no, but she insisted that fundamental reforms in the political system is necessary.

Our dysfunctional political institutions became that way because of GMA herself, and now she has the gall to declare that amendments are necessary. Fortunately, many now see through her devious plans. Definitely she will not succeed.

Here is the transcript from 7:26 to 8:42. In the video, you may slide the progress bar to around 7:26. Or click here to open a new window.

Maria Bartiromo - ...So it sounds like you are not done yet. You still have a lot left on your plate

GMA - YES!(grins and nods)
MB - Let me ask you this - would you like a constitutional amendment to a parliamentary system where perhaps you can serve as prime minsiter?

GMA - Well, I've always been saying there are two Philippines. One is where the economy is working again and moving forward. The other one is where the policitcal system is still broken. We've done many fundamental reforms in the economy and it's time to begin to do fundamental reforms in the political system. Now where that will go, what the specific reforms will be, that will be up to those who are in charge of doing such amendments.

MB - I guess there was a vote recently and a third of the people said that they do not expect PGMA to step down.

GMA - (chuckles) Oh well (unintelligible) that's only a third and that's not true and I've said it over and over again, my term ends in 2010 but until the last day I'm going to continue to work hard for our economy, our environment, and our education,

MB -  Sounds like the people likes you to be there beyond 2010 which I'm sure is a very nice feeling for you.

GMA - The important thing is what we must do within this next year.

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