Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ferdie + Meldy = Glorie?

Question: What do you get when you cross the political wiles of Ferdie with the extravagance of Meldy? Answer: Glorie!

As accusations of her extravagance abroad amidst the people's squalor at home continue to pour, the nation's dissatisfaction with Gloriffic hit rock bottom. Even Imeldific enjoys better press than Gloriffic, who showed that she is wily as Ferdie in employing Machiavellian tricks. Her bypassing of the proper procedures in the handing of the Marcosian National Artist awards to Carlo Caparas and Cecille Guidote smacks of divide and rule. The lavish dinners, accomodation, large entourage, and the planned (later cancelled) purchase of a Php1.2B jet remind us of Imeldific. With only 10 months left in her term and the bureaucratic delays, she won't have the chance to use it. Is it an indication of her plan to stay beyond 2010, or is the automatic SOP too much to let go?

The people do not trust her at all. The public delights in the mass media bloopers in reporting her death instead of Pres. Cory's. It makes me wonder - could all those bloopers be deliberate? So as to enjoy additional hits in the websites or increase in circulation, in the case of the Bulletin?

An circulating email containing the two photos below, asks who is more sincere? Another email says 92 million people (vs. 1) think the dog is more sincere.

A photo of her taking the Holy Communion is mocked. People clearly do not trust her. And she's all to blame.

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