Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It wasn't a SONA, it was SANA

There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.--Maya Angelou

To be persuasive, one must be believable. To be believable, we must be credible. To be credible, we must be truthful.--Edward R. Murrow

The most dangerous of all falsehoods is a slightly distorted truth.--G. C. Lichtenberg 

People are still wondering what country was described by Gloria in her SONA last Monday. Maybe she thought she would be delivering not a SONA but a SANA or Statement of Activities Not Accomplished. Sana is the Tagalog word used to express unreal futurity in the past or doubtful futurity in the present; it is also used to express uncertainty; or to mean "if only" or "I wish".

Sure she can boast of the nautical highway as roll-on roll-off ports were built. But the other claims are dubious. The claims on the poverty reduction are belied by statistics from her own agency that measure those stats. NSCB data shows poverty incidence to be about the same since she assumed office. Moreover, the Social Weather Stations released on the same day as the SONA survey results indicating that hunger is rising under her watch.

The PCIJ assessed GMA's accomplishments and they came out with a two part report. The report gave her a grade of conditional failure. And riddle me this, she claims foreign direct investments grew by leaps and bounds in her term but still her partymates want to tinker with the constitution in the guise that doing so will attract foreign investments. If GMA can boast that investments are coming in, why change the constitution at all?

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