Monday, July 20, 2009

The heat is on / The revenge of the fugly

The heat generated by the Hayden-Katrina sex videos turned out to be too much for FleshAsia, allegedly (or admittedly) the first to upload the videos. As of yesterday morning they announced its death on its website, although they still give hint of a resurrection.

The latest news is the release of an audio CD of the meeting between Lolit Solis, Belo, Hayden, and Reli German on how to counter the negative publicity. The meeting is not or what it's all about is not exactly new knowledge. PEP had its in its site since last month. For what it's worth, it shows that Lolit Solis stage managed Hayden and company's reaction to the aftermath. They tried to soften Hayden's image, make him look contrite, and make Katrina look like a slut. More importantly, it shows Hayden and Vicky made immediate defensive moves to negate the bad publicity even before Katrina sued them. Proactive? Or plain guilty?

It also shows the two-faced nature of the business in more than ways than one. Showbiz people are said to be often laughing on the outside, crying on the inside. The audio CD shows that some persons may have advised Katrina AND at the same time advised the other camp AND even the senator who led the investigation. One irony here is that show business is supposed to be about the beautiful people. But look at the people behind the beautiful people. The good looking ones are mere puppets manipulated by fugly ones who control the industry. These people are well loved - by their mothers, who might have aptly described them as - special.

Is there a fugly one in the photo below?

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