Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Basic Instinct + Technology = Sex Scandals

After the initial barrage of Hayden videos, came a lull of several weeks until screen caps from the Princess-Hayden video surfaced. We salivate for the rest of the supposed 40 or so videos with 10 different women. Then another video with a different Brazilian was uploaded. Hayden later declared that there a really only 11 videos with 4 different women. What? No Vicky Belo, Ruffa, or KC? If there are only 4 women, then are all accounted for. The 2 Brazilians+ Maricar+Katrina=4. But wait, what about the Princess screencaps and the Belo admission that she also has a video. Ah, Hayden is protecting some women.

So voyeurs are eagerly waiting for the videos but authorities raided the office of a website that first uploaded the Hayden Kho sex videos. Fleshasiadaily.com took pride in being the first, now they face some heat for it. Technically, the website operators can argue that theirs is not a porn site since they only provide download links. Moreover, the country still does not have a law against Internet porn. I expect them to get away with it. Meanwhile some other sites pulled out the Hayden videos in anticipation of a crackdown.

Legislators, on the other hand, notice the increasing number of sex video scandals. They think that the absence of a law covering sex videos embolden people to videotape their or other people’s private sex acts by means of mobile phones or video cameras.

These congressmen think they can legislate everything. Man since his caveman days has always made mementos of his conquests for posterity. We have the cave drawings, we have diaries, we have videos. Laws or not, the coupling of man's basic instinct and  technology breeds sex scandals. Over the years, sex scandals have been a function of technology. With the invention of the audio cassette recorder came the grunt and groan Marcos-Dovie Beams sex audio scandal. The invention of the Betamax spread the Vivian-Farinas videotape. Then the handycam made it even more easy to take videos. Today, camera phones and digital cameras make it easier to shoot videos. The Internet makes them viral.

The absence of a law has nothing to do with it. Race has nothing to do with it (Asians, Americans, Europeans have sex videos). Economic standing has nothing to do with it either (Pinoys, Japs have videos). Not ideology either (Chinese videos abound). Nor religion (Indonesians, Malaysians have videos too). Clearly it is man's basic instinct plus the access to technology that compels man to produce these videos. Show me a place that hasn't made a video by now and I'll show you a place not yet reached by camera phones and Internet.

This is not to say that what Hayden did should be forgiven. He clearly violated the women in the videos in more ways than one. The videotaping without their knowledge is the clear violation. There are certain cultural and community standards to privacy. Then the causing of the videos to be uploaded is another violation. Hayden and the others who had a hand in the videos (others admitted to copying the harddisk and making CD copies) have contributed to the distribution, either by design or by negligence. They should not get away with it.

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  1. Way to go Perry...

    yes, I quite agree with you... add Demi Moore's line to Michael Douglas from that high-tech movie featuring VR - forgot the title so supply it perry --- "You're so naive... it's an age old practice.... hide it, lock it, --- blah-blah - and people will still go at it...

    and who would forget those Al Pacino classic lines from "The Devil's Advocate"..

    Anyway... I guess that's the way things are... hypocrisy all the way...

    Fan mo na talaga ako Perry... -:)



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