Sunday, July 12, 2009

After that memorial, Michael can't be alive

I downloaded a 2.05gb 3hr video of that Michael Jackson memorial held at the Staples Center on Tuesday. That was really some memorial. There were wonderful eulogies from his friends and there were musical performances of mostly MJ songs by his collaborators and family. The musical numbers were not spectacular as can be usually expected from the legendary performers, clearly because they were not able to fully rehearse as the event was hastily assembled since no one suspected MJ will be gone too soon. And the performers were overcome by emotions during their numbers.

MJ's untimely death really generated renewed interest in his work. Although I'm a big believer of his talent, I'm not really a big fan like I'm a big fan of U2 and Springsteen. I'm not that all familiar with what John Mayer played and what Jennifer Hudson sang in the memoral. But instantly I felt it had a deep connection to MJ. John Mayer played 'Human Nature' and Jennifer sang the them from 'Free Willy'. The lyrics were MJ questioning his inner demons - loneliness, insecurities, self-doubt, desire to break free. I'm sure many will find special and deeper MJ interpretations/meanings also in other songs like 'In the Closet', 'Black and White', 'Privacy', etc.

The aborted comeback tour could have been great. His back-up singers, who likewise performed in the memorial, were really good. The young, female, long haired, blond, lead guitarist/vocalist will become popular, I dare say. Her name is Orianthi. The Japanese looking lead backup singer, Judith Hill, is also good. She'll have more than her 15-minutes of fame.

And just as I thought early on, many still in denial about his death will concoct stories of him being still alive. There is an (un)healthy number of such fans. After that loving, moving, fitting tribute, Michael cannot be alive. Those who mourned and were deeply moved by the memorial will kill him if he surfaces and says he faked his own death. You just don't pour out so much grief for nothing.

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