Thursday, June 25, 2009

San Juan Feast Day; DOH? duh!; PAG-ASA? Hopeless.

San Juan celebrated its fiesta yesterday, June 24, to honor the town's patron saint - Saint John the Baptist. The revelries include streetdancing with the traditional "Basaan (dousing of water)". Firetrucks hosed down hundreds of people dancing and celebrating on the streets in the annual “Wattah Wattah” festival.

My son Popoy started his festivities with a water gun duel with his cousin Brix. Then when later the two joined the neighbors in dousing all the game passers by in our street. They spared no one, pedestrians, vehicles, they even tried to open closed windows and doors. The wet ones did not mind at all. All was done in fun.

Vito did not join the fun because he was again ill, this time with flu like symptoms. Which brings to mind the online survey on the Dept of Health's handling of the swine flu situation. 75% think the DoH botched it. My thoughts too. Early last month, they wanted Pacquiao to delay his return from abroad to prevent the spread of the disease. Then they early this month they did not want to delay the opening of classes, saying it won't prevent its spread. Now together with the Dept of Education, they want a selective suspension of classes to prevent the spread.

They now also say that the President is not required to self-quarantine when she comes back from her travel, contrary to their pronounced policy last month. And with the rest of the world is placing advance orders on a vaccine that is being developed, they DOH is not ordering any, yet. They say they still do not know who to vaccinate first:  "...the health workers, policemen, and the military; the working groups; or the very young and the very old". Whatever they decide, they will vaccinate anyway, so place your orders now! Common sense is not common at the DoH.

Metro Manila classes are suspended because PAG-ASA declared typhoon storm signal no. 2. The signal signals that good weather will befall upon us. True to form, the weather was not stormy at all yesterday. PAG-ASA is still the most consistent Philippine agency today. Consistently wrong. You just have to expect the reverse of what they say.

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