Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael has left the building

The Philippine newspaper Philstar cannot resist using the headline "MJ beats it" and the accompanying picture showing him beating it. The layout is even punnier in the print edition.

The viral video of the Cebu inmates dancing to MJ's Thriller enjoys renewed success. It had 23.6M+ views last Saturday and it had an additional 1M+ views overnight. It is viral twice over. Now, the prison is a tourist destination as tourists flock to watch them dance.

MJ had financial troubles lately. But with a resurgence of interest in his body of work, his estimated $400M in debt can be easily wiped off. If he were alive today, he'd be laughing his way to the bank. Like Elvis, who also enjoyed similar renewed public interest after he died, rumors will arise that MJ faked his own death so he can enjoy his life without his every move scrutinized. MJ sightings will be reported, and the new catchphrase will be "Michael is in the building". This is expected in a world grieving because "Michael has left the building".

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