Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ironies: son of senator also has sex video, medical team was source of swine flu?

Doctors are puzzled over the cases of swine flu infections in a remote barangay in Nueva Ecija. They say no one among the victims came from abroad. They cannot yet determine the missing link even as 5% of the  population is now infected. The irony of it all is that a possible source of infection is the foreign medical mission that treated the local folks at the end of last month. What an irony! A medical mission causing this medical trouble.

In another development, salacious pictures of a local sexy actress began circulating in the Internet last week. Clearly, the pictures were screen caps from a sex video. The sexy actress is shown in sexy poses in the series of photos. She was shown spraying what looked like whipped cream on her genitals and mammaries. She was shown giving a fallacious job. The irony here is that the guy, not directly shown in the pictures, is said to be the son of a senator crusading against sex videos. If this is true, will the good senator lambast his son and protect the daughter of the tailor from a Hawaiian island?

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