Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hopeless PAG-ASA V

I am now constantly monitoring PAG-ASA's weather forecasts. They fail big-time 100% of the time. But today I noticed a change in their strategy, they have several people who make different forecasts which are published in different newspapers/websites. They want to cover all possible scenarios. I read the Inquirer and the Manila Bulletin while watching over Vito who's confined at the hospital because of dengue. I expected the different slants on the political news, but not on a subject like the weather.
  1. The web edition of the Inquirer carried the same story as the broadsheet edition. It said "more sunshine and drier weather in the coming days" according to PAG-ASA's Benjie de Paz. 
  2. The Manila Bulletin Sunday edition says Nathaniel Cruz, also from PAG-ASA, predicts the rains to continue.
  3. reports that PAG-ASA's Bernie de Leon sees less rain next week, more or less the same as what Inquirer says. 
  4., as of 06/07/2009 4:28 PM, headlines "PAGASA: Rains likely to continue until Monday" according to Nathaniel Cruz.
Prisco Nilo was wrong last week. Cruz, too. PAG-ASA's hopes rests on de Leon and de Paz.


  1. Since the networks are getting bigger and bigger, I think they can afford their own meteorologists. Weather forecasting is big in US and Canada, there is a weather network. All news segments contain a weather news and forecast. By having a reliable forecast, the news networks will have a bigger following. Right now, there is no incentive for PAGASA to have an accurate forecast, because it does not any monetary incentive.

  2. maybe the phil. networks should 'subsidize' the weather bureau, so they they can provide reliable forecasts. maybe the bureau can 'sell' their forecasts to the news agencies/networks. if they are not reliable, no one will 'buy'.



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