Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Go get it Roger; So sorry Phil

Roger Federer is well on his way to break Pete Sampras record for the most number of grand slam titles. He won over a Taiwanese in the first round of 2009 Wimbledon tournament. With Nadal out there is nada to hound him and admittedly with the pressure now off since tying Sampras, Roger can cruise his way to his 15th slam. Barring any drama from hometown boy Murray.

In golf, Phil Mickelson is once again heartbroken. Losing the US Open to virtual unknown Glover (who he?). It was Phil's golden chance, he was lurking behind and actually caught up midway the final round. His ill wife was goading him to win. That was the drama behind the otherwise bland game. But Mickelson, ever the game's heartbreak kid, was again beaten. I don't know why, but next to seeing Tiger win, seeing Phil lose provides drama and a good excuse for following the game.

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