Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Go Fed!

In the lull before the NBA finals, I turn to the French Open for the sports thrills. I like Roger Federer's odd to win this one, he showed tough grit in recent wins and he's not facing Nadal this time. I watch men's tennis because of the high level of play mixes well with the intense drama.

On the other hand, I like the women's side because of the great looking players. I did not like women's tennis back then during the time of Evert, Jean-King, Navratilova and even Graf. Even if Bobby Riggs (a male) lost to Billie Jean King (a female?). But Ana Kournikova changed all that. The first tennis goddess made me watch women's tennis seriously, albeit for another reason.

So now I eagerly await for matches involving the likes of Ana Ivanovic, Maria Sharapova, Maria Kirilenko, Hantuchova, Elena Dementieva, Nicole Vaidisova, Anna Chakvetadze, and Iveta Benesova among others. I wish somebody with the face of Ivanovic, legs of Sharapova, the gravity-defying 34DDs of Simona Halep (see photos below), rolls into the sensuality of Kournikova. That would be the ultimate delight.But I wouldn't watch Sarah Gronert, even is he/she has been cleared to play tennis as a woman.



  1. the debate on Gronert is moot at this point, think 70's or 80's, a ground breaking case for USTA re: Renee Richard another transexual. He won the case to play professional level on the women side. Besides, what is the point? Billy Jean King beat Rigsby in the battle of the sexes. Mauresmo was accused as being half-man half woman by Hingis. Gronert... Read More too strong a serve for woman? would she be too wimpy for the men tennis? whining is for losers....bring it on! i mow our yard and my husband is not complaining!

  2. Shades of Nancy Navalta. I wonder what's the gender of Gronert as it originally appeared in her birth certificate. If it's female, then no problem...In the Philippines, the Supreme Court declared that you can change your name, date of birth, etc in your birth certificate, BUT not your sex.



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