Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deserving and undeserving

Congrats to Kobe and the Lakers. They deserve every bit of the accolades that come now. The Magic deserve to lose. With Lee's botched lay-up in game 2, Howard's missed free throws and the bad defense against Fisher's 3-pt shot in game 3, they do not deserve to win.

Gasol has toughened up a lot since last year's debacle against Garnet. And Howard softened up, perhaps the previous series' exposed him. Perhaps the law of averages that was absent against the Cavs caught up with the Magic. Lewis and Terkoglu can't pull out rabbits from their hats now.

In a similar vein, in the PBA, Rain Or Shine says TY to TY Tang for the ala-Horry and Fisher 3pt shot that gave them the deserving win over the deserving-to-lose Purefoods. When you bench your best and highest paid player, you immediately lose at least 25% of your productivity. When you do that for the last 3 quarters, you do not deserve to win.

Turning to boxing, Miguel Cotto deserve a fight against Pacquiao after fending off Clottey's challenge. Cotto fought 9 rounds bleeding from a nasty cut on his eyebrow. Clottey was not able to capitalize on the wound brought by an accidental head butt. The fight was close and could have gone either way. People wouldn't mind a draw. But Clottey suffered a flash knockdown in the last seconds of the 1st round after doing very well in the first 2.5 minutes. For that carelessness he doesn't deserve to win.

The cut clearly bothered Cotto. But if he fights like that against Pacquiao, he does not deserve to win.

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