Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dengue, swine flu, Aling Banang sighting

While the world frets over the A(H1N1) outbreak, my son Vito got the fever, chills, and general malaise. It turned out to be dengue. Our DOH/DepEd should be on the lookout too for other diseases aside from swine flu, especially with the onset of rains. After all, dengue for one has a higher death rate than A(H1N1). The DOH website says that the WHO reported 19,273 cases and 117 deaths from 66 reporting countries. This translates to just 0.6% A(H1N1) fatality rate compared to 2%-8% for dengue.

After failing to delay PacMan from returning to the Philippines, Duque now says the CHED's move to delay the opening of classes won't prevent the spread of the A(H1N1). He says the practice of proper hygiene among students and school officials is still the best protection against the virus. Correct, but Mr. Secretary, please shut the f*ck up and instead help the schools draw plans on how to instill proper hygiene when the students return. Supply them with alcohol dispensers, make posters on the proper hand washing technique, use the time to prepare the schools for the virus, instead of contradicting yourself just to stay in the news.

Vito is confined at the St. Luke's Hospital. A mild surprise is the Aling Banang's pansiteria in front of the hospital. They dropped the Aling, opting to use just Banang's, but they still have the same basic menu of pancit, halo-halo, tapsilog, atbp. I'm not sure who among her children runs the place, but this is the first Banang store where the busboys wear uniforms.
The originally San Juan eatery enjoys good word of mouth success. Its N.Domingo-Araneta branch is now used by Google maps as a landmark, as can be seen from my Google profile map.



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