Sunday, June 7, 2009

At last I got one right

I am totally off in my sports predictions lately. But PAG-ASA still has a worse batting average. The Cavs-Nuggets NBA finals I was gung-ho about flopped famously. A friend reminded me that basketball is a team game not a Kobe-LeBron game. I switched allegiance to the Magic, being the anti-Kobe that I am, but they lost game 1.

I blogged that Federer's hopes of matching Sampras' record lies on him not facing Nadal in the finals. In this year's French Open, Federer showed that the other players are catching up on him. He was always put on the brink before somehow managing to find the will to win. Meanwhile Nadal rode on a record win streak until big-serving Robin Soderling took care of him to pave the way for a Soderling-Federer setto.

In the finals, Federer breezed through the first set. But Soderling was holding his own on the second. The rains came suddenly making the match much tougher for the world number two. Federer comfortably squeezed thru a tie-break to take the second set as well.

In the third, Federer broke and held in the first 2 games and the two held on their serves until Federer got the game, set and match to equal Sampras' record. Way to go, Fed! I got one right at last. Tomorrow, the Magic will win to continue my streak. Eat your heart out PAG-ASA.
Update: The Magic lost game 2. My streak ends.

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