Saturday, May 23, 2009

Still gung-ho on a Cavs-Nuggets finals!

People and the NBA seem to favor a Cavs-Lakers finals. Since I am anti-Kobe and not really a Cavs fan, I'd like to see a Cavs-Nuggets setto. I believe the Lakers got lucky in Game 1. They managed to "steal one" at home. I also think Kobe cannot dominate on a nightly basis anymore. The only kink on the Nuggets is Karl's jinx. He almost always is good early in the season only to crumble in the playoffs. He had that chance in the 90's with Kemp/Payton with Jordan's fling with baseball. But he cannot rise up further come the playoffs.

But now, the Nuggets did what I expected of them, to win one in LA. In doing so, I believe, Karl is over the hump in the finals. The win makes the Nuggets a mentally tougher team. Moreover, the Lakers miss Tex Winter.

On the other hand, the Cavs may have lost one at home. But I think it was a fluke. The Cavs will win game two and dominate the Magic from now on. I believe it is not yet Superman's time. It is still the King James show.

There can only be one.

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