Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacman gobbles up the Hitman

Manny Pacquiao's KO over Ricky Hatton is so quick that Pac's mother did not have time for her fainting spell. You see, Aling Dionisia usually have fainting spells over his son's bouts. Nauna pang mahimatay si Hitman. Another thing, Aling Dionisia have not finished praying the Rosary when the fight ended. It was that quick.
Martin Nievera's version of the National Anthem is too pretentious. Why can't he sing it as it was originally intended? Sir Tom Jones' simple rendition of God Save the Queen is simple yet classy, easily upstaging Martin's pa-artsy rendition. Martin's camp even had the gall to flash the logo of the National Historical Commission, implying that it has official blessing. The NHI blasted Martin's version and deplored the use of its logo. Kyla's version is still the best to date.
Manny Pacquiao suffered a bit of public outcry over his malintended plan to transfer to ABS-CBN2. But given the way GMA7 handled the telecast, the public wouldn't have minded at all. There were too many commercials. It looked as if viewers were watching a show of commercials, with the actual fight as the commercial. Even the introduction of the fighters was split so more commercials can be inserted. The fight lasted a just total of six minutes but the telecast lasted up to 3pm. Go figure how many commercials were there.
Manny is now introduced as coming from Saranggani. He cannot beat the Antoninos-Custodios in General Santos City so for political expediency he moved to his wife's hometown where he will run for congressman unopposed. Pretty wife, gifted athlete, unimaginable fortune, shoo-in for congress. Some guys have all the luck.
Pacman's last four fights were held in four different weight classes. Early last year, he earned a hard fought win over Juan Manuel Marquez at 130 lbs. In the middle of the year, he wrested David Diaz's lightweight (135 lbs) belt. Then late last year, he jumped to 147 lbs to retire Oscar dela Hoya. His KO win over the Hitman is fought at 140 lbs. Bob Arum, a Harvard-educated lawyer turned boxing promoter, lost no time in declaring Pacman as the greatest fighter ever. Self-fulfilling prophecy?

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