Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katrina Halili - camel toe sighting

Amidst the present controversy over her sex video with a confessed troubled cosmetic surgeon, this picture reminds us why she is one of the hottest Pinays. She is shown here in a photo-shoot with Travis Kraft, of the adowbowng manakk fame.
To those who want the videos, let me say I don't have them, I don't keep them. But here's a link to the full torrent download of the hayden kho-mera videos.

While many Filipinos have enjoyed the videos, all of us join the victims (yes, Katrina, Maricar, and the Brazilian) in their fight against the sick doctor. Theirs videos are very much unlike those of Paris', Kim's, and Pamela's. First they were taken without their consent (thus with deceit) and then released without their approval (thus with malice).

Hayden's reported counselling does not mitigate his actions. Even if the videos were uploaded by his friend without his consent, the fact that he shot it surreptitiously shows bad intentions on his part.

Bigtime FAIL!!!

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