Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Cutie Priest = Babe magnet

A Miami priest is in the news after a tabloid featured photos of him cavorting on the beach with a woman, fondling her and engaging in other sexually compromising positions. Rev. Alberto CutiƩ has since been relieved as administrator of his parish. But the scandal is not as shocking to the world as would have been if he was caught with a minor, male or female. Catholics, especially Filipinos, have been desensitized with that. If at all, the church's hypocrisy over the matter of celibacy was exposed again.

Filipinos have heard of similar scandals since Rizal's Noli. We know priests who have left priesthood to marry. Besides, with a name like Cutie, and being a priest - he's a sure-fire babe magnet. He will be forgiven.

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