Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gerry Penalosa loses to Juan Manuel Lopez! Time to hang up gloves, Gerry

Freddie Roach showed up with a new look. He is sporting what we call the uno haircut. Maybe he wants a lucky charm for his ward Gerry Penalosa to win.

Juan Manuel Lopez is the heavy favorite. He is also visibly the much bigger man. He can bulk up and challenge Edwin Valero someday. He is also younger than Gerry Penalosa, who is now seeking glory at this late stage in his career.

At the onset, Penalosa is outgunned. He is absorbing a lot of 1-2 combinations to the body. His answers are few and far between. Gerry appears ready to fight toe-to-toe, but he is outpunched by a ratio of 8-to-1. There is no way he can win this bout at this pace. While Gerry is being softened by the many blows to the body, JuanMa does not show any signs of tiring.

The 6th round is painful to watch. Only the Floyd-Gatti fight is more one sided than this one. By the 8th, Gerry's face looks like pop corn with caramel. JuanMa has his own welts. But Gerry is not human. No man can absorb 8 rounds of such punishment. He went on to a 9th round, with Roach's warning for Gerry to make or break. Essentially if nothing's changed by this round, Freddie's going to stop the fight.

But the 9th round is more of the same. So Freddie stops the fight after the 9th. JuanMa by TKO.

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  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    gerry vs daniel ponce de leon na lang..



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