Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter week

I woke up not to get back top work after the Easter break but to catch the Masters live. Tiger is playing. There's got to be some drama.

Phil Mickelson added to the drama in the Masters by tieing the record 6-under 30 in the front nine of the last round, firing home six birdies in the first eight holes. He was just one behind the leaders but but he hit the water to double-bogey the 12th. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods continued to lurk closely behind the leader, silently firing a 3-under 36 in the fron nine. He birdied the 13th to suddenly be just 3 behind with 4 holes to go. I have a feeling this is for the leaders to lose. Tiger is back at his game this Easter.

Meanwhile, leader Kenny Perry was steadily matching pars through the first 8 holes to keep the lead against the surging Mickelson and Woods. He's got to have steely nerves to maintain poise as he hears the sound of the comeback, the oohs and ahhs in Phil's and Tiger's flight.

Who says golf isn't exciting?

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