Monday, March 30, 2009

Cheap Chow

An HK-Online Magazine item on its March 27, 2009 issue is causing the latest furor on the local blogosphere. The racist article from Chip Tsao; who usually defers to history, his former colonial masters, and world superpowers (shows how cowardly he is); is a blatant insult to Filipinos. The magazine has since pulled out the offending article and issued an apology. Some Filipino bloggers are wont to just dismiss it as satire and thus should not be taken seriously. Funny or not, I think all the outrage is justified. Mr. Tsao thinks he has a hostage when hostilities break out? He does not realize what his hostage can put in his coffee, even before the hostilities start.

Below is a screen-cap of the article before it was pulled out.

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