Monday, January 23, 2006

Hail PacMan!!

Manny's convincing win will be discussed for several days to come. The euphoria will rise again when he comes home to a hero's welcome. His feat once more proves that positive things can still come from this country. Unfortunately, the long wait for the fight to start made some of us turn to our favorite past-time - rumor mongering. I received several text and phone messages saying either Pacquiao won in 3, lost in 6, KOd Erik in 9, etc. All were untrue, of course, as the fight was yet to start. This rumor mongering even reached a message board dedicated to boxing discussions. It was embarassing and annoying to know that fellow Pinoys flooded the message board with nonsensical comments, and in Tagalog at that, when all members should just be waiting for the round-by-round updates. Ang Pinoy talaga!!

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