Monday, December 19, 2005

Win-win strategy = lose-lose for the people

GMA's Con-Com is designed to fail. Remember that although it was hinted of in the Sona (as with other motherhood statements), it was fast-tracked because of the Garci scandal. The main objective was to mollify a nation who wanted to oust her. Precisely, it was an accomodation for FVR and JDV not to join the ouster calls. Indeed, many fell for the ruse. Now they want to put in the very unpalatable condition of term extension. For GMA and her lackeys (politicians) and apologists (some media people), it should be a win-win strategy. If the people will not approve of the Con-Com proposal, then GMA stays. If the people approves (with the full campaign support of politicians who want a free ride extension), then GMA stays longer. Either way, GMA's term is not cut short. Tuloy ang ligaya.

I may be cynical, but I think we're better off with the present constitution. We don't need a new constitution to pull us forward. We need to get rid of the politicians that drag us down.
Postscript/PhilSTAR/Dec. 20, 2005/Tuesday
Ducky Paredes/Malaya/Dec. 21, 2005/Wednesday

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