Sunday, July 18, 2004

The right thing to do

Well, GMA did the right thing in pulling out of Iraq, didn't she? But why is she still getting flak from some Filipinos? Never mind Leno and the American bullies, they need to put up a brave front in the groundswell of public opinion. But why from Filipinos? Because it appears that GMA made a halfhearted decision, that it was almost too little too late. She didn't want to pull out, but realizing her shaky mandate, she finally relented. Even the ambiguously worded statement smacks of deceit. She passes off the members of the Filipino contingent on leave/R&R as the start of the pull-out process. But they're on leave/R&R even before the kidnap. Sus, gustong manggulang, pero 'di nagpagulang ang kidnappers. They'd release Angelo when the last Filipino troop leaves. Maybe GMA wanted first an arm of Angelo to be released. Paunti-unti, hulugan, kaya konti munang Angelo ang i-rerelease.

But these are not kidding times. GMA deserves support on this one. She should start making decisive moves and not be reactionary. Tirang takot, ang nangyayari sa atin. But this is a start. As we said before, others are bound to follow and abandon GW on this one. He's about to lose in November, anyway. Look, Thailand followed our trail. Marami pa yan.

There is reason to believe that the Americans themselves 'support' the kidnappers, if not outright behind them. They need the sympathy of the public. They martyred some Americans, but nothing happened in the homefront. Now they martyr other nationals, hoping to get the international sympathy, still no dice. Maybe in time, Oliver Stone and the director of F9/11 can collaborate to uncover the truth.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Angelo bound to happen

It was bound to happen, the Filipino OFW captured in Iraq set to be beheaded by Iraqi dissidents. With GMA’s blind adherence to Bush’s unjustified war, I am mildly surprised it took this long for Iraqis to nab one Pinoy. In fact, GMA might be annoyed that a Korean was beheaded first before a Pinoy because GMA is second to none in licking GW’s ass.

This is got to be a tough one for GMA. But this may yet become her chance to finally be the hero that will unite the Filipino nation. This may be her last chance to finally win the hearts and minds of every Filipino. She should order the withdrawal of all Filipino troops in Iraq as demanded and denounce the war as not for the Filipinos to fight. That should be enough to merit the hostage’s release and earn for her the gratitude of the entire nation. She shall also be a hero to 75% of the world; she shall start an avalanche of public opinion against Bush. The rest of the world will follow and soon enough the Nobel Peace prize will be hers. That is something even Cory wasn’t able to do. With that singular achievement, I see the world at our feet and our internal problems will be easily solved. All that may be just wishful thinking if GMA runs true to form and be GMA.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Not a fan but glad they won

I am not a Ginebra fan, but I am happy the Gins and not the Thunders won last night. Yeng is a bad coach (Chua comes a close second). He has all the material and he wastes it. What makes him (and Alfrancis) even worse is that he doesn’t realize his shortcomings and instead blames the referees. Yeng says they’re a come-from-behind team. With the talents he has, they should not be left behind. Even without Miller, they’re the best team, with much to spare in every position.

Red Bull wins big games not because of their talent but because of the failings of their opponents. Art Long’s recent mysterious drop in game form easily comes to mind. Asi also had a dip in game when they met once. The Thunders should start asking what happened to Harp’s game. But they don’t ask, as in Miller’s case. They let go.